Nearing the end of the MedWater project a great movie about the project has been produced by the TU Berlin group which can be found here

While the entire project had a much broader scope the work group at the University of Goettingen mainly had the challenging task to develop a multi-continuum flow model for the entire 9000 km2 Western Aquifer Basin (Israel, Palestinian Authority). The model has been developed by Lysander Bresinsky using the HydroGeoSphere code that is run on our HPC system. The whole model is discretized with a total of about 2 million cells and recovers a broad range of important hydrological and hydrogeological processes. The model is able to simulate distributed precipitation and overland flow dynamics including evapotranspiration and infiltration dynamics. The subsurface is discretized via a double continuum approach and is able to simulate partially and fully saturated Richards-based flow dynamics in the karstified aquifer basin as well as the widespread system of pumping wells. Simulations cover several decades from the 1950 until recent times and furthermore allow us to investigate the future hydraulic state of the basin given the current projections of climate change and hence changes in precipitation patterns.