We would like to invite authors to submit abstracts to our sessions in the Hydrological Sciences as well as the Soil Sciences at EGU 2021:

HS8.3.1: Infiltration and recharge dynamics in fractured porous media, soils, and across rocksoil interfaces

This session covers infiltration dynamics in fractured-porous media and adjacent systems (soils, epi-karst). Recharge dynamics as well as migration of contaminants in consolidated rock systems and soils remains a complicated topic due to the highly heterogeneous nature of such materials and complex flow dynamics. Research in these systems is often difficult due to the large extent of vadose zones with limited access, specifically in consolidated rock formations. Sources of data often come from boundary conditions (precipitation, springs signals, boreholes information) and not directly from internal measurement points. We welcome field studies, numerical and analytical approaches, and laboratory studies ranging from pore- to catchment scales that shed light on the link between flow and transport dynamics and system geometry.

Our session in the soil sciences targets a comparably smaller scale as commonly encountered in soil systems of limited thickness. While the process complexity remains high, soil systems offer a much better accessibility for research and years of research have advanced the understanding of preferential flows in such systems much further.

SS6.12: Key physical factors and processes affecting non-uniform and preferential flows in porous media

Hope to (virtually) see you at EGU 2021!

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