Who we are

Jannes Kordilla

Dr. Jannes Kordilla

Group leader

+49 (551) 39-9398


Jannes is a lecturer and researcher (Akad. Rat. a.Z.) at the University of Goettingen (Faculty of Geoscience and Geography, Dept. Applied Geology, Prof. Sauter) and heading the Fractured Rock Hydrogeology group. His research focus is on laboratory and catchment-scale unsaturated flow dynamics in porous fractured media. He is involved in the development of high-performance smoothed particle hydrodynamics codes and large-scale modeling approaches.

Elena Shigorina

M.Sc. Elena Shigorina

Ph.D. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Elena joined in 2015 as a Ph.D. student and focusses on the development of SPH codes to gain a deeper understanding of fracture-scale infiltration dynamics in fractured-porous media. She is currently developing a multiscale SPH model (DFG project) to study fracture-matrix interaction dynamics.

Lysander Bresinsky

M.Sc. Lysander Bresinsky

Ph.D. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Lysander started his Ph.D. in late 2017 as part of the BMBF funded project MedWater (project lead Prof. Engelhardt, Prof. Sauter) within the GRoW initiative. He develops a high-performance double-continuum groundwater model of the mediterranean Western Aquifer Basin, with focus on the erratic infiltration dynamics in (semi-)arid regions.

Torsten Noffz

M.Sc. Torsten Noffz

Ph.D. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Torsten joined in 2018 to pursue his Ph.D. as part of the DFG project „iKarst“. He focusses on the surface-subsurface coupling, recharge dynamics and development of catchment-scale distributive modeling applications for fractured karst systems.

Torsten Noffz

M.Sc. Florian Rüdiger

Ph.D. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Florian joined the group in the beginning of 2019. As part of a DFG project on preferential flow dynamics in porous-fractured media he is investigating the relationship between fracture network topology and preferential flow path formation via experimental work on laboratory and field scales and analytical modeling.

Emanuel Thoenes

B.Sc. Emanuel Thoenes

M.Sc. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Emanuel is working on the simulation of recharge dynamics in a Mediterranean Karst catchment within the Western Aquifer Basin. As part of his M.Sc. thesis he investigates the surface-subsurface coupling via karst-specific infiltration routing features using the fully-coupled distributive HydroGeoSphere model and field measurements.

Thibault Würsch

B.Sc. Thibault Würsch

M.Sc. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


As part of his M.Sc. thesis Thibault focusses on the simulation of discharge dynamics and field measurements in a sub-catchment of the large-scale Western Aquifer Basin (WAB) in order to capture its hydrodynamic properties. Due to its massive extent and mixed hydraulic signal transformations, understanding the WAB requires aid from detailed process studies.

Fatima Halari

B.Sc. Fatima Halari

M.Sc. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Fatima develops a saturated/unsaturated COMSOL groundwater flow model for parts of the Sangamner region, India in cooperation with WOTR. She carried out a geophysical field measurements to reconstruct the aquifer geometry as part of her CBL scholarship.

Xue Xu

B.Sc. Xue Xu

M.Sc. student

+49 (551) 39-7913


Xue studies the hydrodynamic behavior of a sub-catchment of the Goettingen Leinetalgraben karst aquifer systems. The sub-catchment serves as a proxy to investigate the detailed recharge processes within the large-scale Weendespring catchment using a distributive saturated/unsaturated COMSOL model.


Former students who have been under my supervision as a primary supervisor (thesis) or employed as student assistants. Further students (project works, second supervisor) can be found here.

Anna-Marie Sustrate

B.Sc. Anne-Marie Sustrate
M.Sc. student, Geosciences, University of Goettingen

Alexa Terrell

M.Sc. Alexa Terrell
Hydrogeologist,  Water resources development

M.Sc. Marcus Veltri

Huichen Yang

B.Sc. Huichen Yang
M.Sc. student, HEG program, University of Goettingen

Valentin Haselbeck

M.Sc. Valentin Haselbeck
Hydrogeologist (modeling, data processing), K+S Kassel

Juzer Nalwala

M.Sc. Juzer Nalwala
Environmental Consultant, AECOM, Mumbai, India

Bilal Tariq

M.Sc. Bilal Tariq
Early Stage Researcher, Fera Sciences Limited, York, UK

Shahid Manzoor

M.Sc. Shahid Manzoor
Hydrogeologist & Eng. Geologist, Baugrundbüro Dr. Matthias Mokosch

Imran Haider

M.Sc. Imran Haider
Eng. Consultant, MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd

Kevin De Vriendt

M.Sc. Kevin De Vriendt
Now at CSIC/UPC Barcelona pursuing a Ph.D

Ather Abbas

M.Sc. Ather Abbas
Now pursuing a Ph.D. at EM2 LabUNIST, South Korea.

B.Sc. Mara Wilhelmina Meyer

Christopher Koch

B.Sc. Christopher Koch
M.Sc. student, Geosciences, University of Goettingen