After two years of virtual EGU we are happy to finally have an onsite meeting again in 2022. We would like to invite authors to contribute to our sessions in the Hydrological Sciences and the Soils System Science. Our session in the HS group is has been around for many years and we hope to attract a great mixture of researchers interested in fractured rock and karst aquifers and various investigation methods:

HS8.2.6: Hydrogeology of fractured-porous and karst aquifers

The session welcomes research with a focus on fractured and karstified aquifers covering all related temporal and spatial scales from field studies to laboratory investigations. Characterization methods including numerical and analytical methods, geophysical approaches, and analytical or numerical methods that target the complex infiltration and recharge processes. Research addressing phreatic flow and transport dynamics are also part of this session.

Our second session in the soil sciences targets a comparably smaller scale as commonly encountered in soil systems of limited thickness. While the process complexity remains high, soil systems offer a much better accessibility for research and years of research have advanced the understanding of dual-domain infiltration dynamics in these heterogeneous systems much further.

SS6.5: Key physical factors and processes affecting non-uniform and preferential flows in porous media

Hope to see you at EGU 2022 in person!

AGU 2019, Vienna

EGU 2022, Vienna