I have been invited as a designated speaker to the AGU 2017 conference in New Orleans to give a talk in the session „Characterization, Modeling, and Remediation of Karst and Structurally Variable Flow Systems in a Changing Environment II“. The session has been organized by Zexuan Xu, Nicolas Massei, Ingrid Yamill Padilla, Andreas Hartmann and Bill Hu to provide new insights into dynamics of preferential flows and karst systems within the context of climate change.

My talk „Partitioning dynamics of unsaturated flows in fractured porous media: Laboratory studies and three-dimensional multi-scale smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations of gravity-driven flow in fractures“ focussed on our recent advancements in the field of unsaturated preferential flow dynamics in fractured systems. Further contributions came from Marcus Veltri, Alexa Terrell, Torsten Noffz and Lysander Bresinsky who prepared great posters for the conference.

Thanks goes out to Andreas Hartmann (University of Freiburg) for the invitation!

The new location (after the venue in San Francisco has been temporarily closed) provided all amenities in the spacious New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (including partially very, very long walks) and of course the great Bourbon Street, alligators and swamps.

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