Due to the current situation this years EGU was held as a virtual conference. After some rearrangements and session merging between the SSS and HS groups we managed to convene a session on preferential flow dynamics in soils and fractured-porous media:

Preferential flow and mass transfers in heterogeneous soils, porous fractured media and complex geological structures

Thanks to the great contributions, amongst other from Brian Berkowitz, Teamrat Ghezzehei and Dani Or, the chat-type session went rather smoothly and we hope that we have found good balance between the topics presented and time for discussion. Lysander Bresinsky, Torsten Noffz, Florian Rüdiger and myself presented results of their works, ranging from large-scale modeling of karst flow dynamics, over analytical modeling and analogue laboratory experiments of infiltration dynamics in fractured media. Valentin Haselbeck presented results on hydrochemical classifications via neural networks.

Partitioning of preferential flows in fracture networks: Smoothed Particle Dynamics simulations and analytical modeling of infiltration dynamics (J. Kordilla, M. Dentz, and A. Tartakovsky)

Analogue laboratory experiments of preferential flow dynamics in porous fractured media: Importance of fracture intersections and porous matrix imbibition processes (T. Noffz, F. Rüdiger, M. Dentz, and J. Kordilla)

Investigating preferential flow dynamics in idealized porous fracture networks via (quasi) 2-D lab experiments – Controls of fracture and matrix properties on flow behavior (F. Rüdiger, H. Fehnker, J.R. Nimmo, and J. Kordilla)

Simulating Climate Change Impacts on the Recharge Dynamics of a Mediterranean Karst Aquifer (L. Bresinsky, J. Kordilla, E. Thoenes, T. Würsch, I. Engelhardt, and M. Sauter)

Hydrochemical Classification of Groundwater with Artificial Neural Networks (V. Haselbeck, J. Kordilla, F. Krause, and M. Sauter)

Despite the possibility of sharing research it became clear that the new format cannot replace a real-life EGU including handhakes, beer and sunny Vienna weather.

Stay healthy and hope to see you at EGU 2021 in person!